La French Tech

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What is la French Tech

La French Tech is the collective name for all those working in the French startup market. For some years now, French Tech have as a group shown incredible dynamism, driven by a new generation of entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, designers, and other talented people, organized and collaborating in specific ecosystems.

La French Tech certification for the startup ecosystems

The certification given by La French to the French startup ecosystems outside Paris is a fantastic way of promoting innovation and the startups that have started and grown up in each French region. To be certified, each local ecosystem needs to fulfill specific criteria that show the performance of the ecosystem. This performance is evaluated according to the performance of the community of startups, the presence of incubators and co-working spaces, the collaboration between R&D centers, startups, and corporate companies…

The network of La French Tech startup ecosystems in France

In France, the central government and local governments (regions, municipalities…) have played a major role in the structuring and the organization of each regional ecosystem, especially in the Paris region. Since the end of the 1990s, the Paris region hasn’t stopped growing and  structuring its local startup ecosystem. Today, Paris and its region have become the 11th most performing startup ecosystem in the world and the first of the French startup ecosystems in the La French Tech network.

La French Tech network grew rapidly by integrating other dynamic regional metropolitan areas and today Paris and 13 other regional clusters are part of the network.


The French Tech Hubs around the world

As the economy is global, startups naturally tend to expand abroad and thanks to La French Tech, other ecosystems around the world can be connected with the French ones. Entrepreneurs who need to find an incubator, or another startup or a big company to partner with in France, can benefit from La French Tech.

Today, networks of French entrepreneurs are organized and structured in 11 French Tech Hubs, that are fully integrated into the local ecosystem.

Actual Hubs: New York, Israel, Tokyo, San Francisco, Montreal, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Moscow, Barcelona, London, and Abidjan.

Cities / countries that have applied to be certified as Hubs  : Los Angeles, Austin, San Diego, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Stockholm, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Cambodia, …

The launch of thematic French Tech networks

On 25 July 2016, 9 thematic French Tech networks also have been launched.