French Riviera

The startup ecosystem in the Riviera (Cote d’Azur)

Over 400 startups have been created since 2012 on the Côte d’Azur, totalling 326 million € in fundraising, among which some very successful international-expanding stories:

  • GreenCom Networks. Incorporated in 2011 and supported by IPE, and merged with a German startup, GreenCom Networks has raised more than M€ 5 to develop monitoring software for massive fleet of energetic sensors and virtual power plants and sells them in Europe and worldwide.
  • Inventy: Created in 2012, the company is specialized in SAP solution optimization. It addresses many large groups throughout Europe and North America. Inventy’s turnover is growing very fast, +190% in 2015 reaching over M€7.5. Inventy now has the French Tech 2016 label.
  • Kinaxia: Incorporated in 2010 and supported by Incubator PACA Est, Kinaxia is a specialist in urban and environmental data. Without external funding, they now have a staff of 50 people.
  • Median Technologies: created in 2002, specialized in Clinical Trial Imaging Services, 10 M€ of fundraising in 2011 followed by a successful entry onto the AlterNext-Paris market, is today present all over the world with a strong strategy on the Asia-Pacific continent and in North America (offices already opened in the USA)
  • Qwant: Nicknamed the “European Google”, Qwant is a French Search Engine created in 2013 following 2 years of investment in R&D, today deploys its solutions throughout Europe. The company raised M€ 25 in 2015, to enable the company to address the global market and deploy its QwantJunior solution.
  • Vulog: spin-off from INRIA (French Research Lab) incubated at IPE in 2006, accelerated at Allianz Accelerator in 2015, M€ 8.4 of fundraising in 2015, currently supplies its solutions in Europe and North America to a wide range of entities