The French Tech Hubs


Internationalization is a major vehicle for growth for French Tech startups:
– via the international expansion of companies that must quickly implant themselves in international markets in order to compete globally;
– via the internationalization of the French ecosystem by enticing entrepreneurs, top talents, and investors from around the world to come to France.


A network of French Tech entrepreneurs and investors living abroad has been put in place in several major international cities. A French Tech Hub is an entrepreneurial ecosystem designed to accelerate the development of French startups looking to expand and reinforce the attractiveness of the French Tech internationally. French Tech Hubs are accredited by the French government based on an application and supported by an already existent ecosystem to be reinforced and structured.

11 French Tech Hubs have been accredited (as of January 29th, 2016) : New York, Israel, Tokyo, San Francisco, Montreal, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Moscow, Barcelona, London, & Abidjan.
Several other communities have submitted applications that are still under review: Los Angeles, Austin, San Diego, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Stockholm, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, & Cambodia among others.

The second round of accreditation is soon to come!


List of accredited French Tech Hubs


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