La French Tech Thaïlande – Membership conditions

What is La French Tech?

« La French Tech » (or « French Tech ») is a collective name that refers to all the people working for or in association with French startups, in France and abroad. It includes entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, developers, big companies, media, public institutions… – every player actively working towards the growth and promotion of French startups.

La French Tech is an initiative launched by the French government in 2013 to help promoting French startups in France and abroad. Among its founding partners, Business France (the French Trade Commission) is responsible for supporting the initiative outside France’s territory.

« (La) French Tech Thaïlande » or « La French Tech Thailand » is the name given to the initiative in Thailand. It is run by a steering committee made of entrepreneurs and professionals, backed by the Bangkok office of Business France at the French Embassy.

Who can become a member of La French Tech?

Anyone matching the above definition, whether they are entrepreneurs running a tech startup, or professionals working with startups or directly supporting them.

What are the benefits?

Becoming a member of La French Tech Thaïlande means joining the local network of French entrepreneurs and professionals in Thailand. You can participate in French Tech events and benefit from the visibility of the « French Tech » brand and logo. As a member, you are also entitled to advantages that Business France have or will negotiate on behalf of La French Tech community, such as co-workspace discounts or taking part in external events.

What are the conditions?

« La French Tech » is an open brand, registered by the French government. Although quite flexible, the use of the name and the logo must comply with the general conditions as specified on the website

Joining the French Tech is free. By becoming a member, you’re showing your support to the French community of startups and entrepreneurs. You’re involved in the life of the community by coming to our events on a regular basis, by sharing information with other members, by accepting to give some of your time and insights to those who would need it most – startups and entrepreneurs.

In order to efficiently support and promote the initiative, you also agree to fill in the registration questionnaire with transparent and up-to-date information.