La French Tech Thaïlande

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La French Tech Thaïlande is the local entity of ‘La French Tech’. Its mission is to help all French-speaking people who work in Tech and startups to network, do business and promote their companies.

La French Tech Thaïlande is open to all French-speaking professionals living or working in Thailand.

What is La French Tech Thaïlande?

La French Tech refers to all the people working for or with French startups or French tech companies, in Thaïlande or in France. This ecosystem is made up of entrepreneurs, obviously, but also investors, engineers, designers, developers, associations, bloggers, media, big companies, and government agencies… All the players who are working towards startups’ growth and international promotion.

La French Tech has 3 Objectives

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1. Federate

The first goal of the ‘French Tech’ initiative is to trigger a collective momentum involving as many players as possible in Thaïlande and France.

2. Accelerate

The second goal is to support the development of private “startup accelerators” inThaïlande and France.

3. Promote

The third goal is to boost the visibility and international appeal of French startups.

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Government Support in Thailand

In Thailand, la French Tech is carried by Business France , CCEF, the French Embassy and a super team of talented people.

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