Business Services

Business Services Provided by La French Tech Thailand & it’s Partners.

The HIve, Bangkok

For French Companies

Services dedicated to tech French companies that plan to expand your business in Thailand.


Business France is a national agency supporting the international development of French companies. BF provides a wide range of services to startups and tech companies to help them tackle new markets and boost their growth internationally. Our teams can offer companies to draft market studies, to organize targeted B2B meetings and special business events. We also organize every year an international “à la carte” (tailor-made) business operation in ASEAN for tech companies. Business France is also a founding member of La French Tech Thailand, and their teams are dedicated to supporting local entrepreneurs through LFTT community. Check Business France Thailand website.

Setting up a branch in Thailand. How does it work?

For Thai Companies

B2B services dedicated to Tech Thailand-based companies.

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French Chamber of Commerce:

  • B2B meetings with French corporate companies based in Thailand
  • Other

Mentoring & Fund Raising

  • Bangkok Business Angels: Fundraising program
  • Chamber of Commerce mentoring program
  • Local partners (incubators, coaches, co-working spaces…)

Incubation & Co-Working Spaces

  • Co-working spaces that have partnered with the French Tech Thailand and who are hosting French Tech startup
  • National Innovation Agency